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Contact Details of Consular Officers

Applicants are advised to contact the following officers for any queries regarding Visa, Passport and OCI and Miscellaneous questions 

Name & Designation

Telephone Number


 Mr. R. Srinivasan, Consul

(Consular/Community Affairs/Commercial/Political) 

(678) 705-9662 

 Mr. Tarlok Badhan, Vice Consul


(404) 835-2726

  Passport Question

 Mr. Ramesh Kamra ,Vice Consul

(Visa, OCI)


(678) 732-3271

 Ms.Prarthana C (OCI)

(404) 963-7742

 Ms.Sonal Vora (Passport)

(404) 996-6230

 Ms.Poonam Rani (Visa)

(404) 996-6228

 Ms.Gunjan Patel (Miscellaneous Services)

(404) 963 5902 X 124