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1. When you click for the links for fresh or reissue of  passport on-line application link, there is possibility of getting a screen with security alert stating that “there is a problem with the security certificate of the Website” However, you may proceed further pressing “YES” tab to a question “Do you want to proceed ahead?” Please note that your on-line data and entries will not be available to any one else and those will be safe. The screen will look like below:




2. Then passport on-line registration form will appear as per two screen-shots given below. It will appear in a single screen, for demonstration purpose, that has been split in to two screens.





3. Please note that fields marked with * are compulsory and must fill these otherwise on-line registration will not be complete.

4. You have to select Indian Mission as “USA-Atlanta”. Please note that applications registered under any other Mission will not be accepted as it will not have on-line registration number required for Consulate General of India, Atlanta. The screen will look like as follows:



5.Please note that the on-line system will generate date of appointment for submission of application and will state that you have to submit the printout of the application on that date. You may submit your application on or after that date. Please do not argue with the Consular officer about the appointment time, you will definitely be attended as per your token number given at the reception when you are submitting application in person. If you are sending your application by postal mail, ignore the appointment date and time. However in the cases, where applicant needs to submit his application "in person only" like 'lost/damaged passport/expired (more than 6 months).", applications by mail will not be accepted.

6. Please select “services desired” option as per the instructions given in the selection of the passport services tab.

7. Please give Indian address in the field “Address to be printed in Passport”.

8. Provide your USA address in the field “ Other Address”

9. Provide your reachable mobile number and email address in the application on which the Consulate Officials can contact you easily.

10. If you do not have a “File Number” in case of your passport, then put any four digits (like 1234) in the on-line application.

11. After filling all the fields carefully in the on-line application, press the “Save & Print” command.

12. Then the on-line system will generate an appointment date. Please press “OK”.

13. Then screen will appear as follows:




14. Please press the tab “Confirm The Appointment” on the screen, which then will provide you your application in PDF file. Take printout of the same. Please fill all the essential fields in capital (bold) letters in the printed form. Please provide your signatures or thumb impressions in the boxes provided on (i) the first page box near the place for photo (ii) specimen signatures available in Para 29 of the printed application form. Please note that Parents should not sign for minors in the Boxes provided for the same. Signatures of minors are preferred, however if minors are not able to sign, then their thumb impressions should be taken in the boxes. Please also note that signature/ thumb impression should not spill over out of the box. Thumb impressions should be made preferably in blue ink. The signature should be made using thick pen with blue or black ink and thumb impression (left thumb for male and right thumb for female) should also be clearly visible.

15.Please note that place for signature and photo will be generated only after taking printout of the application.

16. ECNR means “Emigration Check Not Required”. If you are having bachelors degree or diploma in any stream then click for ECNR and provide such proof (graduation certificate / diploma certificate) with the application or if you have such stamp in your previous passport then the copy of that page should be provided.

17. Please note that in case of minors, both parents should sign at Para 28 of the printed application. If one parent is signing then reasons for the same i.e. divorce etc and papers supporting that should be provided along with the application.


18. The quality of the photo should be good and photo (size of 2’’ x 2’’) should be affixed on the printed application form. The photograph should be recent one. The photo should have full frontal view of the face and face should occupy 75% of the photo area.

19. Please press the tab below to see the sample printed application after doing on-line application.


For Sample Passport Application Click Below: